Booking Change of Key

Is the venue suitable for a dance?

A decent sized hall with room for the band and caller and PA system is needed – normally there are four musicians and a caller.

Venue and timing

We need the address and especially the post code for your venue.  What time will we have access to the hall from?  We need about an hour to set the equipment up and balance the sound.  Most events start 7:30 or 8:00 but we can start earlier if required. There is usually a break of 20 minutes or so.  Will there be refreshments?  Finishing time is usually 11:00.


Our selection has proved very popular over the years – we like to vary the format so we have square sets, longways sets, Sicilian circles and grand circles as well as couple dances.  Maybe you have particular favourites or would like dances from a particular part of the British Isles such as Ireland or Scotland. Do let us know!